Kurdish independence a necessity

Hussian Kurdnezhad , , Culture & Politics

Hussian Kurdnezhad

uilding a nation of your own has always been a historical time consuming project. Establish the constituent building blocks of the state needs time.
Building a nation state historically is a project of the modern world of the humanity. Modern world as a consequence of the modern changes within the society make it possible to succeed.
One of the important underlying changes which makes the project possible is the existence of the careers of this modernity.
The careers of modern dreams and projects are the youth bulge of the population within various societies. That the youth become a decisive force is a very concrete result of demographic transition.
Looking at two Arab, Muslim societies of Egypt and Tunisia demonstrates clearly the decisive role of demographic transition in being able to put in place modern changes. The first one despite regime changes in two years not able of pushing forward the establishment of democracy and the later becoming the only Arab nation with opportunity of establishing a good model of liberal democracy.
The demographic transition in Kurdistan in the course of two past decades has created a bulge of youth within the Kurdish society who are urban, fairly educated , tolerant toward various ethnic and religious varieties and are growing in number.
The access to financial resources and good quality education will determine the futures of this bulge. This will not be possible by Kurds being under the rule of the failed state of Bagdad. As we have seen the behaviour of the central government in managing the politics and economy where the Kurds produce 1.6 million ton wheat the government receives 950 million ton and rejects the payment but at the same time imports wheat from its patron country Iran and some from Turkey. In general for the failed state of Iraq the only strategy to rule over the Kurds is making them dependent and weak in all aspects and not advancing the progressive and democratic dreams of the Kurdish population specially the youth.
The growth of labour force in Kurdistan will continue for decades to come and the open economy of Kurdistan will be in need of stablishing central bank with power to control the inflation and be a source for establishment of a much needed functioning banking system.
The Kurds in Iraq run their own affairs, have military and security control over their territory , they have demonstrated a good experience of coexistence of various ethnic groups and tolerance in general. Kurdistan has been able together with coalition forces to defeat and push back the world’s biggest terror organisation successfully.
The case of Kurdistan’s independence is not another ethnic conflict among others in the region without a clear massage. It is a building block of putting in place the necessary instruments of providing life and future to the millions of youth of the country, in a region desperate for hope for the future.
In the course of past two decades we have risen to become a partner force to the free world . we need an internationally recognised statehood in order to develop further the economic and political path towards a stable democratic soc

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