Iraq is in need of not US weapons but American leadership

Hussian Kurdnezhad , , Culture & Politics

Hussian Kurdnezhad

After the successful war of America which toppled Saddam regime, unfortunately Iraq became the field of quasi war of regional and international powers, because of shortsighted policies of various actors. This is what has been happening here.

This in turn became the ground for a failed, undemocratic and corrupt policy making in Bagdad, this policy did not advanced the country but even became a obstacle for the progress in more secure region of Kurdistan. The reactionary position of Bagdad reached its height by cutting of the salaries of the public sector workers in whole Kurdish federative region and opposing the great achievements of oil production and export.

Bagdad proved clearly to believe in devolving the power as they wish from center to the regions in some degree and not in division of power according to the federative settlement of the constitution. Bagdad’s sectarian policy based on the interest of the regional actors and not on the well being of the real people of various sectors of the Iraqi society has definitely reached a clear dead end.

The recent happenings in Mosel and some other cities demonstrate clearly the failure of current policies in Iraq. Most observers agree that the situation can be described as a state of emergency. So the question is what can be done and more importantly what should be done?

First of all the failed policy of Maliki is not worth investing on, neither by American weapons nor by more fighters of regional powers, because all these will deteriorate the situation further.

The solution is more than ever in need of American leadership which will have the aim of advancing a great compromise in the region among regional powers such as Saudis , Iranians, Turkey and other gulf states, in order to reach an agreement onestablishing three independent states. Will these three newentities become a confederation should be a matter to design and solve by the UN as the best available forum of the international community.

If this way of thinking will not be supported by America and the regional actors then we should expect the inhumane scenario of Syria to be repeated here. In the coming days we will know the answer, will the international community choose the Syrian way or the path of grand compromise?

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